Case Management Educational Programs

American Sentinel University

MSN Case Management Program teaches nurses to deliver personalized service to patients. The program focus is improving patient care through understanding patient referrals, planning and delivery of care, evaluating patient results and evaluating overall program effectiveness. The MSN program is completely online.

Students also participate in Practice experiences, Precepted Practice Experiences and Simulations. For more information and to view the curriculum, visit the American Sentinel Website.

University of Alabama

The Capstone College of Nursing offers the distance-based Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) with all courses offered online. This program prepares nurses to assume leadership positions in health care administration and to coordinate and administer case management services at the macrosystems level. Graduates of this program will be able to practice in a variety of settings, assuming leadership positions in health care organizations.

University of California Riverside

Certificate in Medical Case Management - The University of California, Riverside offers a certificate in medical case management for registered nurses and other registered and licensed professionals in the health care field, including (physical therapists, occupational therapists and social workers in the hospital setting.

Certificate in Community Case Management - The University of California, Riverside also offers a certificate program in community case management designed for social workers, counselors and other non-acute care professionals.

University of Southern Indiana

Case Management/Care Coordination Certificate Program - Offered through the University of Southern Indiana – College of Nursing and Health Professions, this program is designed for English speaking nurses, social workers and other health care professionals who want to enhance or develop the knowledge and skills necessary for quality case management. This six-week internet delivered program consists of six modules. Each module includes reading assignments, study questions, case studies and test questions. Learners interact with practitioners and faculty who are experts in the area of case management.

University of Florida

Offered through the University of Florida, Department of Behavioral Science and Community Health, College of Public Health and Health Professions, the Geriatric Care Management Graduate Certificate program is designed to meet the needs of today’s working professionals. The program requires the successful completion of four graduate level courses with a grade of B or higher. All courses are taught utilizing a web based e-learning system. The courses are organized in weekly modules which include audio PowerPoint presentations, video lectures, assigned reading and online discussion forums. The material is designed to be completed in self-paced/flexible format. Each course utilizes an electronic discussion board that provides an in depth interactive experience while at the same time offering individual flexibility to the working professional student.

Upon completion of this program graduates will have the expanded knowledge required for either developing their own private practice Professional Geriatric Care Management Business or advancing their career in management of Long Term Care Facilities, Home Health Care or Public Service Agencies. The program is also designed to meet the educational requirements for those seeking to become a Certified Geriatric Care Manager through the International Commission on Health Care Certification.

Samuel Merritt University

Entry Level Master of Science in Nursing – ELMSN

Case Management has a broad scope of practice and will allow you to experience nursing in a variety of settings and facilities. The purpose of this option is to prepare professional nurses for practice in a variety of health care settings. Graduates will build on their varied academic and experiential backgrounds to provide nursing care with an interdisciplinary case management focus. Strong advocacy, decision making, and planning skills are necessary for graduates to function in increasingly complex roles within the rapidly changing health care system.

The program requires two calendar years plus one semester (7 semesters which include two summers) for a total of 90 semester units. Students must enroll in the first four semesters full time. It is possible to reduce the course load to part-time after the fourth semester.

This program is offered at both the Sacramento Regional Center and main campus in Oakland.

Graduates of the MSN entry-level program will be able to:

·       Assume professional nursing roles in a variety of settings.

·       Practice within an interdisciplinary framework.

·       Assume roles as case managers.

·       Think critically in applying the nursing process.

·       Advocate for optimal health of the population and health care services.

·       Further develop their nursing careers through specialization and/or doctoral education.

Post Professional MSN Case Management Program
The purpose of this track is to prepare experienced nurses with advanced theory and practice in a systematic case management approach to the delivery of health care to diverse patient populations. Case management emphasizes collaborative methods of coordination, continuity, and quality of care within a cost-sensitive perspective. Graduates will be prepared to practice in various case-management settings including provider-, client-, and payer-based models.

The program can be completed in 4 semesters for full-time students. Students may also elect to attend on a part-time basis. The Post Professional track is available at the Oakland campus and Sacramento Regional Center.

Graduates of this program will: 
1. Ensure coordination, continuity, and quality of care for a selected population
2. Assume nursing case management roles in a variety of healthcare settings
3. Demonstrate a clinical nursing foundation in the application of case management principles


Click here to view the Post Professional MSN Case Management Curriculum.

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